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Summer 2017
Device Design
Paper Prototyping
Digital Prototyping
Individual Project

Project Overview

Can we see views of other spots from the spots where we stand? When we stand in front of the sea, we can see the utmost. But in high-density urban contexts, our sights are blocked Inevitably by buildings and other objects.

This proposal provides a solution to re-shape people's sight in urban contexts by re-restricting the light. By doing this, people can see the view from several different levels.

Moreover, this device can match the different environment, because it is mobile and can be assembled and disassembled. Changeability is the core concept of this proposal. To build a complete eco-system, users can use and share information by using an App, which makes the device an embedded system and more user-friendly.

The mode can be copied and transplanted to different places in the world.


︎ Digital Prototyping Demo

︎ Spots Choosing Interface

Project Overview

People's vision is often blocked in the city. To help people get in visual touch with excellent views at a different spot, we need to restrict the light which reaches our eyes. This installation can be placed in circumstances where there exist optical obstacles that block people's vision. By utilizing this installation, people can reach the views of the upper level without actually being there.

Module Evolution

Transformation of Flexible Panels

Joints and Assembly of Hardware and Hinges

Allocation of Reflective Parts

Mobile Terminal Control

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