Low/ High Prototyping
Jun 2020 - Aug 2020
3 Developers
1 Marketing Manager
1 UX/UI Designer
Adobe Illustrator


︎A cabinetry online order system that can help vendors place orders more easily.

Cubitac offers high-quality imported cabinetry to kitchen dealers, kitchen and bath showrooms, lumber yards and wholesalers.

︎ Digital Prototype

︎My Role

From Jun 2020 to Aug 2020, I was a contract UX/UI designer at cubitac corporation, which is a Furniture manufacturing company. Though It was a only 3 months contract job, I have gained a lot of experience and feel very accomplished. As the first ux/ui designer they ever hired, I helped them build the company's first version of an online order system and design system.


How might we design an online order system to help dealers easily order cabinetry?

Currently, dealers rely on phone calls, Fax, and Email to place orders, which is not very efficient. Also, as cabinetry design and building is primarily visual, the communication between Sales and Dealers often ends up with the inability to express the product clearly. Moreover, some dealers prefer to find information on their own, not by interacting with a sales agent.

Furniture Dealers


︎User Flow 1.0

︎User Flow 2.0


User Flow 3.0

Low-fidelity Prototype

Information Architecture


︎Core Wireframe Usability Testing
As we detailed the ordering information architecture, I created a quick interactive prototype and did design critiques in our cross-functional teams. After that, I conducted a pilot user testing session with 3 Cubitac users. Overall, the participants liked the online ordering experience.

︎Card Display(A/B/C Testing)
Based on the design critiques and user testing results, I iterated the design prototypes several times and tried to optimize some key parts. For example, to analyze and figure out how to display the room cards clearly, I created three different versions for A/B/C testing.

High-fidelity Prototype


︎Select Style

︎Add Items

︎Add Add-ons


︎Submit Order

Take Away

︎Collaborate with cross-functional team
It was amazing to collaborate with experienced Marketing, Sales, and Engineers. I learned to communicate effectively and efficiently with a cross-functional team. Also, I learned a lot from the process of conducting a user study.

︎Be Proactive
At Cubitac, my director and colleagues are quite new to UX. As the first UX/UI Designer hired by Cubitac, I tried to educate them about the value of UX Design and share my work with my team proactively. This helps others understand what I do and make collaboration more smooth.

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