MY ROLE UX Researcher
Interaction Designer
Mar. 2019- Jul. 2019
Group Project
Group Members
Sai Liu
Chaoyue Huang

Project Overview

Do you have the experiences of realizing it is too cold when you have left home? Have you ever been upset about not knowing how to wear clothes, even if you have seen the weather forecast? …In order to solve these problems, we created a device called "FEELIT", which could let people know how it feels outside through palpable temperature and weather visualization.

The device has two parts. In the upper part, we use holographic projection technology to visualize the weather. In the lower part, by touching the aluminum shim, people could feel the outside temperature rather than simply read about it through numbers.

Video Demo

Design & Prototyping

How It Works?

We got the local weather data through AccuWeather API, and then we used it to control the hologram video. Also, by using the data, we regulated the temperature of a touchable metal sheet through Arduino and a temperature control unit. This unit includes a heating pad and a cooler, composed of TEC1-12706 Peltier Modules, 2 Channel Relay Board, CPU Heatsinks, and a small fan.

User Testing

Next Steps

1. Adding more modules to simulate the real feeling of the weather outside, like the feeling of wind or raindrops.

2. Providing more information through hologram video, like weather forecast and dress suggestion

3. Optimizing the size and outlook so that people can put it on the desk as a decoration.
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