UX/UI Designer
May 2019 - May 2020
Group Project
Group Members
Nichole Latimer
Maxine Kho
Grant Ng

Project Overview

︎Janus is a front-end data entry and storage application interfaced with university systems to optimize the hiring process for the NYU SRP(Summer Research Program)

︎My Role

As one of the design team developing three parts (Admin, Faculty, and Students) of this enterprise software, I am the design lead of the Admin and Faculty. I have designed low fidelity to high fidelity mockups and conducted user testing for the same. I have also led design presentations in internal team and client meetings. 

Problem Statement

In the current process, administrators manually transfer and duplicate data across a range of applications. They spend five months organizing information, and onboarding student hires for a 10-week research program. Also, due to the disjointed process, students easily miss SRP application deadlines.

︎How Might We ...?

How might we optimize the hiring process for the research program?

Design Process

Workflow Research

In order to better understand users, we set several meetings with SRP Administrators, Client, and NYU students. After the sessions, we tried to Identify Features and Functionality and synthesize the current workflow.

Identifying The Users

︎Primary Audience

︎Systems-level Expectations

Faculty Use Cases

To better understand the user and optimize the entire system flow, I decided to start with Faculty Mentor, who wants to experience the new system most. I simulated six possible cases and created the diagram below.

Post a Project

︎Rank Applicants to Hire

Task-driven navigation guides users in completing their tasks.

︎Real-time Status Indicators

Real-time status indicators frame moving parts within the overall process, giving the faculty a sense of control over a complex, response-driven workflow. It dramatically boosts users’ confidence in the program.

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