︎Tools: Arduino

︎Brief Introduction:

Do you have the experiences of realizing it is too cold when you have left home? Have you ever been upset about not knowing how to wear clothes, even if you have seen the weather forecast? …In order to solve these problems, we created a device called "FEELIT", which could let people know how it feels outside through palpable temperature and weather visualization.

The device has two parts. In the upper part, we use holographic projection technology to visualize the weather. In the lower part, by touching the aluminum shim, people could feel the outside temperature rather than simply read about it through numbers.

Data Visualization:

Market Vendors in Durban, South Africa

︎Tools: Echarts(Java), Tableau

︎Brief Introduction:

Durban is one of the few cities in the world actively trying to integrate informal economies within its urban development frameworks. Durban’s current street trader sites diversify the spectrum of commercial property in very important ways — they offer both a lower cost rent to traders and also a much smaller footprint.


︎The purpose of the study is to better understand the urban informal economy and find out how cities integrate the informal economy.

By working with communities to gather, analyze and visualize data, we could in-depth understand vendors’ living condition and we are able to easily find out the existing problems. Eventually, we could help them build urban intelligence.

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︎ Data Visualization Demo

1) Lime & Impepho Market Survey (Vendors' Daily Life in the Market)

2) Three Hours Mealie Market's Utilities & Vendors (10AM-1PM)

Game Machine

︎Tools: p5.js

︎Brief Introduction:

The machine could create bubbles. If you click the bubble, the bubble will disappear.If you click the mouse, the windTunnel will create a new bubble.
Press any key to clean the canvas.


Moiré Pattern Simulation

︎Tools: processing; Arduino

︎Brief Introduction:

It is an experimental study. I want to create an interactive narrative framework of attraction, participation, and interaction. I hope to give users a view of “Uncertainty and Certainty”.

Thus, I choose to create and explore the Moiré Pattern phenomenon, which is a large-scale interference pattern that can be produced when an opaque ruled pattern with transparent gaps is overlaid on another similar pattern.

︎Video Prototype


Interactive Video

︎Tools: Openframeworks(C++)

︎Brief Introduction:

I tried to create an interactive video mashup app using openFrameworks. The video has six effects. Users can switch the effects by pressing the key "1"~"6".

︎Video Prototype


︎Tools: FFmpeg, Mac OS Terminal

︎Brief Introduction:

This is a "Kichiku" video. "Kichiku" is a Japanese word which means an auto-tune remix-themed video.

The video is coded by FFmpeg (no editing software). I tried to create an interesting effect through the combination of pictures and background music.

BGM: Kraftwerk - The Robots; Kraftwerk - Musique Non-Stop

︎Video Prototype

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